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The symbolism of Revelation leaves the identity of Abaddon open to interpretation. Halley identified the angel as Satan. In contrast, the Methodist publication The Interpreter's Bible states: "Abaddon, however, is an angel not of Satan but of God, performing his work of destruction at God's bidding", citing the context at Revelation chapter 20, verses 1 through 3. In the 3rd century Acts of Thomas , Abaddon is the name of a demon, or the devil himself. Abaddon is given particularly important roles in two sources, a homily entitled "The Enthronement of Abbaton" by pseudo- Timothy of Alexandria , and the Apocalypse of Bartholomew.

Upon completion of this task, the angel was appointed as a guardian. Everyone, including the angels, demons, and corporeal entities feared him. Abbaton was promised that any who venerated him in life could be saved. Abaddon is also said to have a prominent role in the Last Judgement , as the one who will take the souls to the Valley of Josaphat. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Apollyon disambiguation.

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This article is about the Hebrew word. For other uses, see Abaddon disambiguation. Not to be confused with Abandon disambiguation.

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The consistent transliteration of beth as b simply follows modern scholarly norms in sources discussing biblical Hebrew, and does not imply a position on the pronunciation of the letter and b or v in biblical times. Retrieved 5 April The Oxford Companion to the Bible. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 3 April Bible Gateway. Archived from the original on 7 June Retrieved 18 March His body at last giving way to the corruption within, Deathwing made his final stand in the raging torrent of the Maelstrom, when he was at last destroyed by the combined powers of the Aspects and the Dragon Soul.

Deathwing was the primary antagonist of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels , novellas , or short stories. In Azeroth's ancient past, the Dragon Aspects were proto-dragons who stood united against a foe who threatened their entire species: the bloodthirsty Father of Dragons, Galakrond. During this time Neltharion did not seem to be the good-natured wyrm he would become as an Aspect, taunting the other proto-dragons for fearing Galakrond.

Rise of the Destroyer: The Key of Creation, Book 1 (Unabridged)

When a blue-white proto-dragon named Malygos was attacked by Coros and two other proto-dragons, Neltharion helped to fight them off. He was impressed by Malygos's power, declaring them brothers in blood. Malygos noticed something in the hills nearby, but Neltharion couldn't see it. As he flew off, the land moved - a ripple no larger than a tall human.

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Like the other proto-dragons Neltharion rallied under Talonixa by accepting her as alpha in order to deal with the threat of Galakrond and the not-living , though he did not trust her. During this time Neltharion and Malygos quickly became fast friends with Nozdormu , Alexstrasza , and Ysera.

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While not agreeing with all of Ysera's beliefs Neltharion was rather stunned at Talonixa's deception of herding the bitten into a cave and then collapsing it on them, which eventually killed all the bitten who had began to act like Galakrond. Neltharion later found himself as part of Talonixa's proto-dragon army that moved to combat Galakrond. Before the proto-dragon army engaged their enemy in battle Malygos devised a plan in which the army would fly higher in the air where Galakrond could not fly.

Quickly informing Talonixa of his plan Malygos was relived that to note that she was considering it. However hearing his sigh Talonixa took it as sign of Malygos's satisfaction of her bowing to his wisdom and engaged Malygos in battle. While Nozdormu and Neltharion were quick to help Malygos, Talonixa was helped by her two lieutenants. Despite Nozdormu encouraging a retreat, Neltharion openly called for Malygos to fight Talonixa and became the new alpha an action which enraged Talonixa and brought more of her followers to join her, which caused the trio to flee high into the air.

Using his not-living Galakrond was able to lure Talonixa's army into a trap where he erupted from the ground when the army was in position and swiftly shattered it. After killing Talonixa, Galakrond was unable to devour the fast of the army due to the actions of Malygos, Nozdormu, and Neltharion. As Malygos broke off to find Ysera and Alexstrasza, Galakrond ended engaging in battle against the future aspects only to be driven off by Tyr after being stunned by his hammer. An unknown time later, Tyr met with the five proto-dragons, informing them that Galakrond was sleeping in a mountain range to the north and that it was the perfect time to attack.

He told them to eat before doing so, and just before they left Tyr held the octagonal artifact before Nozdormu and Neltharion as he had to the others before. After doing so, Tyr vanished in the blink of an eye.

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Tyr and the proto-dragons met up near Galakrond's slumbering place, which Kalecgos would later note in his visions was nowhere near Galakrond's Rest. Save for Ysera, they all began the battle against Galakrond, who had grown larger and even more mutated than before. Throughout the battle, the octagonal object on Tyr's belt glowed ever brighter. When Galakrond suddenly expanded in size without warning, Tyr's hammer could no longer harm him. With a flap of wings, Galakrond called up a massive wind that scattered the fighters. Ysera suddenly appeared and Galakrond attempted to devour her, but Tyr silenced his laughter with a mighty blow from his hammer.

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Tyr pulled Galakrond to the ground and began to mercilessly beat him even as Galakrond began mutating further - as he began to resemble a true dragon. In the battle, Tyr's hammer and the strange artifact were knocked free from his person. Tyr reached to grab the artifact, just as Galakrond's massive maw came within range and the monster clamped down on Tyr's hand. Malygos moved to save Tyr, examining the bloody stump as Galakrond roared in triumph and grew ever larger. An unconscious Tyr was brought to a frozen lake by the proto-dragons, only to vanish from the shore. After being attacked by two not-living Ysera and the others found they could not find Tyr where they left him, concluding that some beast must have taken him for food.

After recuperating Neltharion and the others decide to hunt down Galakrond in order to kill him once and for all or die trying. Nozdormu, along with the others would be stunned to learn that Galakrond had began to devour the not-living in order to feed his hunger and shortly after would engage in battle with the behemoth. During the battle Neltharion would work closely with Malygos and the pair would ultimately kill Galakrond after they forced a boulder down his throat. After killing Galakrond Neltharion and the others were approached by two other watchers, who revealed that they had taken Tyr to help him.

Agreeing to protect Azeroth with his friends, the two watchers were joined by two others and the titans acted through the keepers to transform Neltharion and the others into the Dragon Aspects. One of their first acts was to encourage the rumor that titans created them from Galakrond, to prevent the truth about Galakrond from leaking to ensure no one would follow in the behemoth's footsteps.

When fallen Keeper Loken instigated the Winterskorn War , fought between the Winterskorn vrykul and the earthen , Tyr and his allies fought on the earthen's side. However, when Tyr realized that they could not win against the Winterskorn clan alone, he called upon the Dragon Aspects for aid. The noble Aspects grew enraged upon seeing so many dead titan-forged. Their fury only deepened when they learned that proto-dragons had been enslaved.

Without hesitation, the Aspects took wing and unleashed their powers on the Winterskorn's iron ranks. Much as they had done in the fight against Galakrond , the Aspects worked in unison to overwhelm and the vrykul army. Alexstrasza held the Winterskorn at bay with towering walls of enchanted fire. Malygos drained the magical essence that fueled the constructs and golems, rendering them useless. He also shattered the enchanted snares that bound the proto-dragons and set the beasts free. Neltharion raised mountains from the earth to corral and contain the vrykul and their giant masters.

Lastly, Ysera and Nozdormu combined their powers to create a spell that would bring a decisive end to the conflict. Ysera and Nozdormu enveloped the Winterskorn in a cloying mist that caused them the titan-forged to fall asleep. These incapacitated creatures were then locked away in entombed cities across northern Kalimdor.

They would not know the peaceful slumber of the Emerald Dream. Rather, they would languish in a timeless, unconscious slumber for thousands upon thousands of years. Neltharion was originally the mighty black wyrm chosen by the Keepers to be one of the five Dragon Aspects. Chosen as the caretaker of the continents of Azeroth, with domain over the earth and the deep places of the world, he used his power with wisdom and benevolence, forging mountains and rivers for the benefit of mortal races.

The shamanistic , cave-dwelling drogbar served him. In peaceful times, Neltharion was renowned for his wisdom and power, and became known as Neltharion the Earth-Warder, a great protector of the land. Malygos the Spell-Weaver, the Aspect of magic, was his closest friend. In spite of this, Neltharion silently chafed at what he felt was a burden that had been inflicted on him; though he could command the entire weight of Azeroth itself, that same weight constantly pressed on his body every waking moment, the load making him feel suffocated to the point that he felt his very spirit unravelling.

Neltharion believed that he must bear this burden alone, but ultimately found it to be too much, and began to resent the charge placed upon him.

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Table 6 shows the pooled results for Year 3, Year 4, and Year 5 with each company weighted equally. I believe this suffering represents the Roman siege against Jerusalem from AD. This need has to fit within the embodied state, in my line of thinking, in order to facilitate actual use of this to seek gratification. The growth and contributions that early-stage companies make to the economy are the dominant themes in much of the research and business literature as well as the government policy debate. It was used to power up the portal that would allow Sargeras to enter Azeroth. Luke —18 ESV In all of these cases the imagery symbolizes a mighty king or ruler losing his power to some degree, if not completely.

The belief that the titans viewed Azeroth as an experiment only fueled his bitterness. During his conversation with Thrall he admitted that he served the Old Gods largely because he believed that they would free him from this burden. Then came the madness that destroyed Neltharion's mind, changing him and his kind forever and leading to the creation of the powerful item known as the Dragon Soul, later the Demon Soul. The inner-voices of the Old Gods convinced him that he could have power beyond his imagination if he served them. The voices made him paranoid of even his own black dragonflight.

Neltharion began to yearn for a world dominated by his black dragonflight — a world in which the other dragonflights ceased to exist and Ysera and Alexstrasza would be his petty slaves for mating. With the help of goblin servants led by Meklo , Neltharion created a simple golden disc made of his blood and forged in the goblins' cauldrons and anvils deep beneath the earth.

Empowered by Neltharion's magic, the simple disc was magically shielded so that the other Dragon Aspects could not see within it. There was an evil within the disc, some taint of the Old Gods, though its exact nature is not known. Neltharion had the drogbar experiment with ways to merge the elements into a binding ore. He believed it would be the ultimate tool in his rise to power. There were at least fifty attempts. Guided by the voices of the Old Gods, he first captured demons of the Burning Legion, and added their powers to the Dragon Soul. Neltharion then convinced Malygos to help him with the other Dragon Aspects.

All of them agreed to give a portion of their powers to the Dragon Soul, including all dragons of their dragonflights. Neltharion proposed that the Dragon Soul disc could be a weapon of great power to destroy the demons of the Burning Legion.

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Rise of the Destroyer (The Key of Creation Book 1) - Kindle edition by A.R. Voss, M.D. Bushnell. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones. Rise of the Destroyer book. Read 26 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. It has been five centuries since a well-placed arrow put an e.