One Hour Guide to Great Web Copywriting: For Business Websites

The Complete Guide to Writing Product Copy That Sells Itself (+ 19 Examples to Get You Started Now)
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Every website and web page should have a purpose. And when the design and copywriting are collectively geared toward getting users to take that action, the website will produce higher conversion rates and overall success. Energy management company Energex makes it easy for their website visitors to complete tasks, thanks to clearly defined calls to action. Websites should target a specific audience. Typically, there will be one primary audience, and one or two secondary audiences.

Each audience has its own attitudes, concerns, biases, needs and desires. Good website design and website copy accommodates the unique characteristics of each audience. For instance, our copywriting firm was hired to write content for a dental implant specialist, and the designer indicated we were to target the general public. By asking the client a few questions, one of our copywriters discovered they actually wanted to focus almost exclusively on referring dentists, which made a world of difference on what needed to be designed and communicated.

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When a web designer and copywriter are in sync, the visual and written messages are much more likely to resonate with the intended audience. For example, per the image below, the computer repair specialists at Macinhome connect with Mac fans by featuring heavily Apple-influenced web design and copy.

So when the Mac enthusiasts land on their website, they feel right at home. Also, by clearly defining intended audiences, designers and writers avoid designing and writing for themselves or their clients, which often leads to self-aggrandizing drivel. Brands have their own personalities, and both website design and copywriting need to reflect the characteristics of the brand. Having a fun and wacky design is no good if the writing emphasizes safety and reliability. Designers and copywriters form a personality and set a tone. Therefore, they must help the client develop a consistent identity, signifying what the company stands for and promises to deliver.

Thrillworks offers an example of how design and web copy can harmoniously merge to convey a clear message, and create certain expectations.

Internet users are constantly bombarded — and often overwhelmed — by piles of disjointed information and technologies. Great, great read. I read it all the way through. Nice work! Brian, I have little confusion. Which data is more preferable. I am in confusion. If you clear this then it will very helpful for me. Each tool works differently. The Coschedule tool analyzes lots of factors.

The AMI one only looks at emotional impact. Thank you Brian. I will try to combine both tools value and select the best. I regularly follow your blog. I hope we all get more masterpieces in the future. OMG Brian! This is very valuable information. Keep up the good work….

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Last week a SEO trainee started at our company, yesterday I assigned him the task of writing a landing page for a product of ours, and today your guide was published. I am a beginner copywriter from Kolkata, India…and these tips will surely take my writing to the next level. This is the most excellent article about copywriting in all over the world, thank you soooooooooooooooo much brian. Totally honored! All the best! Right to the point and practical.

Thanks man. A couple of questions around the customer testimonials — how would you get your customers to leave comments which are in this specific formula? Good question, Grace. I recommend asking your customers specific questions that encourage this sort of 3-step narrative. That way, you get these responses naturally. Thank you so much. In fact, I have taken more than 2 hours to read this awesome blog post in my office, I am going to read it again because copyrighting guide not understood in 1st attempt.

Hey Brian, Thank you for the Guide. I hate to be demanding on you like this, but is there any chance we can get this in PDF?

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Brian, just looking to do it better and better, and men, you have great knowledge! I live doing this and these are helpful tools to use! Thanks in advance and sure that I will continue with this wonderful readings! Before I tried various methods from free copywriters resources.

I would strongly recommend you to read it entirely. Thanks Brian for this guide, really helpful in a lot of aspects! Brian, I just got to read this post from A to Z. The active voice approach is something I struggle a lot with, I sure will improve on this. Does this all apply also to e. Hi Paul, Great question. I actually think this approach works well with The Skyscraper Technique. Re: navigation. I used to just use lots of subheaders and leave it at that.

Thanks Brian for this indepth guide on content writing. A lot of thannnnnnks to you,my seo hero. I will try this on my e-commerce store.

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I just wonder where did you get your animated pictures? What can be the best, a one stop guide for copywriting from brian.. Thinking about your statements about sentence length. I agree, mostly, with sentence length but I disagree that we should dumb down our paragraph lengths.

Sentences are portrayed as a complete paragraph. This disjoints sentences that should be together to strengthen their relationship and context. I have a fear that we web people are perpetuating the problem. We will cause a general dumbing down. It should be part of the line above.


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Brian V. Hunt was a lead writer for nearly fifteen years in Microsoft Game Studios on such products as Flight Simulator. One Hour Guide to Great Web Copywriting book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. WRITE BETTER WEB CONTENT THAN YOU.

Some times, for effect, it is good to make points in short succinct statements but to do it for whole articles it is actually tiresome to read, in my opinion as there is no flow. I dig your appreciation and efforts to providing good SEO information though so this is not a negative attack on a well presented and informative article. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the one-sentence-paragraphing. Hey Jon, I appreciate your take. As an avid book reader, I actually completely agree with you. Something is lost without them. That said, my take is that people online already are skimmers.

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So we can either fight that or make our content more digestible for skimmers. But I prefer to go with the flow of how people want to consume my content. Hey Brian, thanks for including my comment. I think obvious titles are great for skimmers. Single sentence paragraphs do have their place, I just find entire articles of them difficult.

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I have been glued to this one for over a day now.