Magical Moments: Discover How to Easily Create More in Your Daily Life

#56: Creating Magic Moments with Magician Jeff Kaylor
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And then a lot of people are interviewed here that come through our doors. We had to talk more about this. Actually, I want to divert into the piano because you just took this up over the last year. Was there a reason or an inspiration for that?

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I got a group of friends. There were five of us. His name is Mathias The Piano Man. And we just sat down for a couple of hours and listen to him and then I bought his CDs and then ever since, I bought all of his other CDs.

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Hoping you will simply remember to do a new habit is usually a recipe for failure. On the right side of the chart you will see the word "synthesis," which means forming a complex whole by combining. Documenting special times is important, whether you do it through journaling, snapping photos, or having a keepsake created. By implementing the steps in this guide, you will soon see the importance of having life visions to stretch towards. There is a hairline balance here.

And so, we end up listening to his music the whole rest of the trip. I listen to it when I travel and so I was like I went to a friend of mine who can listen to any piano song and he can play it. This was last year because I made a goal. I want to learn like the songs that I actually want to learn how to play. So, I played in the song and he just starts playing it like right away. So, what I do is I filmed his hands playing and I just slowly mimic what he does and eventually I get it. So, now I had a goal to learn 10 songs last year.

I learned Jon: Any favorite songs or favorite musicians that inspire you with the piano? Jeff: Really, his has been my main thing. Most of the songs I learned were from him. I was like I was inspired by him. That hike where you can hike up on the hill right behind it and look down on the town in the water. Jon: We have a huge photograph of that in one of our bathrooms and every time I see it, it brings me right there.

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Hey, I love the point you made, Jeff, about and this is a great lesson I think for any of us who are listening is understanding your own learning style. Because interestingly, I played the piano. So, the first teachers I had, they were teaching me the music that they liked. And then the other part of it is creating that conspiracy with someone like the guy that taught me, I decided to teach him magic. So, he would teach me piano and I would teach him magic so we were both benefiting from it and then I got to hang out with him in the process.

Do you wake up and just entertain each other? What goes on? We have an open mic night tonight.

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One of the guys left yesterday and his name is Anton James. We have, my assistant showed up a little while ago.

I saw him walking by and then I go. He will be doing podcast for companies. Again, I went to college and everything revolves around drinking and partying and stuff like that. We have 11 doves here too. Just like just constant things happening. Jon: Tell me about what kind of learning environment that creates for you, being around creative people. Some of you are magicians but not all of you. Is there a lot of collaboration? One day I want to make it down to the Magic Estate and….

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You can count on that. Man, that is so cool.

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So, right when I got out of college I linked up with this magician. His name is Michael Ammar. So, when I got out of college, he saw a magic trick that I was trying to promote and he liked it so he flew me down here to work with him on it and then I realized that with the skills I had, with the video production and a few different things, I was able to help him with a few things he wanted to do and then he asked me to tour the world with him.

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So, right when I got out of college we did about city, country tour in two years. Jeff: So, that threw me right into like met a lot of magicians through him. I kind of got in his brain for — because a lot of people would pay to do that.


And we just go from city to city every day and we meet with groups of anywhere from 10 to magicians, sometimes even more and we just go over tricks that we came up with in theory and ideas and sell ideas. And as magicians, magicians which is in a way what I am, magicians to magicians that I teach magicians but at some point, you have to learn it.

So, if someone wants to learn magic for example, if someone asked me, hey, can you teach me some magic? Jeff: Oh yeah. There are all kinds of camps. My mentor created a whole thing called Discover Magic so it helps magicians around the world. Basically, he gives them the curriculum to be able to run different camps. Some up in Canada. There are kids through adults there. Oh man, some of the life lessons from that. So, a lot of times when you first teach someone a magic trick, the first thing they want to do is run out and show it to someone really quick even before they practice, before.

They just get so excited about it. But in magic, you learn to like hold that in and wait for the right moment and actually get good at that thing before you go out and perform it and that translates to anything we do. Hey, a couple of things and I want to come back to that in a second here. I know you shared those four steps earlier. Well, it takes a lot of work to get to that point. It was really refreshing. And then I got to see some of his first videos that he ever put out and I saw him like not be that good.

Anything you can share on that. Jeff: Maybe I could start with that is a lot of people going to mentorship as if they want to like learn something from this person.

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They just want to get things out of this person. What can I learn from this person? And then the last thing about it is with the way video is on YouTube and everything like you can have amazing mentors without actually knowing the person now.

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So, you can just like watch them online and you can follow them. This was her perspective and I really appreciated the spirit of what she was saying. Everyone told him to protect it and he gave it away which is a whole other story but he created a method that we now use. Jeff: Sure. Basically, you get sent a challenge every week for a year and the challenges are about five minutes, less than five minutes and the challenges are meant to help you love the people in your life better to create magic moments, to reconnect you or connect you deeper with the people in your life.

So, when you see me speak, a lot of my speeches, the theory behind things, I give a few practical examples but this is literally like my speech but in practical examples.

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You can do something literally right now. Jeff: Okay. So, that would be a simple mission and now think of this, like we go through life and random memories pop into our minds.

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One little moment. Jeff: And just go with that.