La Science et l’Hypothèse (French Edition)

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Jose F. Urbino, Italie, septembre Cesena, Teatro Bonci. Turing ". Intentionality between Searle and Turing.

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Theoretical and methodological issues. Zadar, Croatie, septembre Florence, November Towards a new social contract.

Rovereto, Italie, septembre How to overcome a myth? Cerisy France , octobre FAYE, Temps grammatical, changement et espace temps. Mexique, septembre KEMP, The spectre of perfecting.

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A systematic theological approach. A look back into tradition. Bergamo, May LENK and A. Copenhagen - Aarhus, 31 May - 3 June FAYE, The unity of disunity. More detailed informations on the modalities of these Conferences will be provided in due time.

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Nothing can be done about an error like that during translation, and so the error is replicated. On the other hand, on the next page the first subscript, ,was incorrect, but I could easily correct it to. With other similar errors, I corrected them unobtrusively. In preparing this translation, I tried to keep several objectives in sight.

L'hypothèse en français

The first was accessibility. At one level, this objective is valid for any translation. The purpose of translation is to take a document which was written and therefore accessible in one language and fit for one particular purpose and render it in another language making it accessible in that language too , where it is fit for the same purpose or some analog thereof. This implicitly includes the ideas of time and audience: one hundred twenty-five years later, the expected audience for my translation is English-speaking people knowledgeable in dynamical systems wishing to understand how a foundational classic of the field established and set its direction.

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Looking deeper, there was also the issue of voice. Essential to both of these is the matter of accuracy. I then checked and rechecked this translation to eliminate any misunderstanding, inconsistency or infelicity that might have gotten through anyway.

I am human, so I can be certain that I was not fully successful despite my best effort. Why this book? I immediately focused my search on potential projects that could make a connection back to what I had once been: an astronomer and mathematical-physicist In fairly short order I had a few ideas for projects involving dynamics and the stability of rotating astrophysical fluids.

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