Journey of Dreams - 40 Years of Dream Keeping

Regression: A Universal Experience
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It was true, only an entrepreneur could understand an entrepreneur. Cash, cash, cash. As if the social pressure and loneliness were not enough, I was meeting the mother of all stresses: running out of cash much faster than I had imagined.

Dream Big: 5 Research-Backed Ways to Achieve Your Most ‘Unrealistic’ Dreams

This was killing my productivity and ability to make proper decisions. I was panicking and rushing to be successful and to make money. One day, I even found myself asking my girlfriend for a few cents because I had no money to buy bottled water. Enough with the drama: more than two years have passed since those days.

I am now writing this blog post in a beautiful resort in Phuket, Thailand, while enjoying my mojito. But wait, I am not selling a dream. However, my freelance business has a constant stream of cash that allows me to travel the world and to work from wherever there is WiFi. There are, however, five things I wish I had asked myself before starting this painful journey.

Five questions I believe every future entrepreneur should ask himself before taking the first step to entrepreneurship:. I cared so much about what other people think of me— so much that it ruined my life. I was so hard on myself and punished myself with even more work so I could announce my success as soon as possible. You are no more than a few seconds of attention other people give to a Facebook status.

In , no one has time to care about others in such a crowded, noisy world. If you care so much about what others think, you will waste your time trying to prove that you are successful instead of focusing on your startup. Get a life.


I got mine quite late. As we grow up, we share more of our life with our partners than with our friends or family.

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While I was lucky to have such an amazing girl, it was so sad to see many of my entrepreneur friends breaking up with their girlfriends along the way. Doing your own business is tough — way tougher than I could have ever imagined.

Yes, for a simple proper French kiss. Good, then multiply that amount at least by three because you will be running out of your savings way faster than you ever imagined. Along the way, there will be so many hidden costs, accountant fees, lawyer needs, broken iPhones or PCs, etc. Get ready for a smaller apartment, smaller food portions, or counting your cents, which you never cared about in your life previously.

Success will come slowly, and cash will burn fast. Be smart — plan from day one.

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It all started by little wake-ups in the middle of the night. At the beginning, it was because I was too excited about my ideas and I had so many of them. Then came the exaggeration phase. For instance, explains Garfield, during the first trimester , dreams about water and fertility are quite common.

Water is a common theme during the initial stages of pregnancy. In the second trimester , dreams start to reflect the changes in the baby and the mother's body. In the third trimester , dreams seem more telling. Jennifer O'Shea, a pediatrician in Massachusetts, is pregnant with her first child and doesn't know the sex of the child yet.

That is the difference between dreams now and when I wasn't pregnant -- they seem so real now. I wake up and wonder if that just happened or if I was dreaming. Dreams about journeys are also frequent in the third trimester -- like the dream Jill Feddersen had. Also common during the third trimester are dreams about having difficulties during labor, and although these dreams may be troublesome, they are very normal and may be a good sign. Wear nothing but light sheets or costumes and channel some of that hot-blooded Greek spirit. For those looking for a change of scenery and an escape from the busy city, there is nothing better than a quiet, romantic weekend in the mountains.

There are plenty of fun activities like skiing that will keep you active. You can have fun making a snowman or engaging in a snowball fight, and, of course, there is plenty of privacy and great room service waiting for you back at your room. A bit unconventional but an incredibly fun and exciting date that will get your blood pumping and put a huge smile on your faces. Try out a number of guns and have a bit of a competition.

Visitation Dreams: Dreaming of Someone You Know Who Has Died

Some outdoor ranges have fully automatic rifles, which are a blast to shoot. Put on some classy clothes and drive around town in a rented sports car. The quick acceleration and high speed are sure to provide an exhilarating experience. Very few things can elicit such a huge dopamine rush as a good old shopping spree. Get some new lingerie, pretty shoes, a nice shirt and tie, a couple of new video games or whatever else you need or want. For all the party animals out there, one of the best date ideas is to go out drinking, dancing, and just generally enjoying the night life.

Visit a few good clubs, then go to an after-party and keep that party spirit going for as long as you can. This one is geared towards couples who have been together for a year or two and want to experience a few new things together. Pick out a romantic location, such as a camping spot on a hill overlooking the city or a balcony in a restaurant with a nice view, open a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates and wait for that perfect moment when the sky turns fiery red to embrace and share a passionate kiss.

You can have some great fun and then move on to a more private location for some alone time. Speaking of private locations and intimate moments, body painting allows you to spice things up back at your place and add a new element of fun to foreplay. You can do tiger stripes, paint a t-shirt on your partner, or go for something more abstract—the choice is yours.

This one goes well when combined with a shopping spree, but you can just get a bunch of your clothes—old and new—from the closet, set up a catwalk area and then try on different combinations. You can be stylish, funny or beautiful. If you and your significant other are relatively good dancers, or if you simply enjoy moving your body to the rhythm of the music, then a night at salsa club or similar venue is the perfect thing for you.

Alternatively, you can set up dance floor at home, play your favorite music, have a few drinks and dance like there is no tomorrow. Decorate each room a bit differently, have a lot of snacks and drinks lying around, put a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor and go from room to room throughout the day. You can start off with a steaming shower, have a romantic meal, then watch a movie cuddled up on the couch and eventually make your way to the bedroom. Being outside has many health benefits, but what you are going for is the beautiful view, seclusion, and the thrill of engaging in some erotic behavior out in the open.

You can rent a cottage far from the city, bring some food and drinks, and explore the wilderness.

First: What is a Visitation Dream?

A loud voice spoke from beyond the ceiling, "You cannot leave your children!" and the young woman did not die that day. Instead, her nightly dreams became so vivid that she felt compelled to write them down. She tried at first to make sense of. Journey of Dreams: 40 Years of Dream Keeping [Joan Bridgeman] on Amazon.​com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A loud voice spoke from beyond the.

This is nice way to spice things up a bit and get away from the loud and busy city life. Some role-playing may be just the thing you need to spice up your love life after a few years of being together, but it can be a very fun experience for new couples as well. Work on the scenario together wounded soldier and nurse, a female cop arresting a robber, etc. You could also rent a hotel room to add to the forbidden-fruit vibe. This takes a bit of planning in advance and may be a bit costly, but if you can afford it, there are very few things that can match a trip to France, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, or a number of other excellent locations.

Just be sure to wear warm clothes, it can get pretty cold high up in the air. Treat your body, mind and senses to a relaxing day at the spa. This one is great for long-term couples who will benefit from reminiscing about all of their fondest memories together from the start of the relationship through to the present, reliving some of the most significant moments they shared.

Meet the Experts

A modern equivalent to the hot-air balloon ride, the helicopter tour is among the more reasonably priced date ideas and is incredibly romantic and exciting. After about half an hour or an hour of sightseeing you can finish off the upper-class experience by dining in a nice restaurant. It evokes a sense of nobility and is a very good bonding experience.

Also, you can always retire early and get some alone time with your partner if you so desire. All you need is a bunch of different drinks, a few accessories like fruit and spices, and internet access to check out some cool recipes online. Try out all sorts of fun cocktails and mix some brand new ones on your own. Make it a fancy dress night for added fun. Buy some elegant new clothes, rent a limo for the night and go to a nice restaurant, followed by a jazz club or gallery exhibition. Walk tall, make a few sarcastic quips, and have a few laughs with your partner while letting your inner snob take charge for a few hours.

For the cultured crowd and history buffs among us, a day spent learning about some of the local history and delving deeper into national culture is both incredibly fun and a great way to share a unique experience with a loved one. A beautiful lady in a simple yet sensual, form-fitting, black dress, and a strong and handsome, if somewhat stern-looking man in a fine suit walk up to a roulette table with drinks in hand and place bets at random as they smile at each other seductively.

This is a scenario most of us wish to play out, but rarely get a chance. It can be a bit costly, but this is one of the most incredibly adventurous and romantic date ideas.

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