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Ooh, love, your kiss is deadly, don't stop. All along I've been coming for ya For you. Die ganze Zeit bin ich hinter dir her hinter dir her. And I hope it means something to you. Und ich hoffe es bedeutet dir etwas. Call my name, I'll be coming for ya Coming for ya. Ruf meinen Namen, ich komme dich holen Ich komme dich holen. Coming for ya Coming for ya. Ich komme dich holen Ich komme dich holen.

source For ya. For ya Oh, she loves it when I come. Dich Oh, sie liebt es wenn ich komme. Report a problem. Last activities T. Last edit by Timothy Naylor. Synced by Emory King. Translated by Ada Vega.

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AmaraSummer rated it it was ok Jun 08, German is offered as a second language from the first grade. Follow us. They are a pleasingly cosmopolitan lot. Make sure to provide useful source information. When I reply in English, he recoils as if I have bitten him. I'm vegetarian , well, except fish, I eat that, of course.

Edit translation. Top lyrics by Shawn Mendes feat. Camila Cabello And some examples of bieten from Yabla German, first in present tense, then in past tense:. Yabla bietet dir das weltweit fortschrittlichste System. Yabla offers you the most advanced system worldwide. Caption 3, Yabla-Intro: Jenny. And this year too, a lot is offered again for young and old. Lastly, when someone is bidding in an auction you would always use the word bieten or steigern , but never anbieten.

Further Learning Make up some sentence examples in English using the word "offer" and then translate them into German to see if you understand the principal difference between bieten and anbieten.


Also, do a search on German Yabla for both of the words to find some examples of their usage in a real-world context. The title of this week's mini-lesson is from an American depression-era novel of the same title by John Fante, and is an allusion that can be taken both literally and figuratively. The mixture of dust and sunbeams gave rise to the glistening light that makes the deadly heat in the film so believable. Sie macht sich aus dem Staub.

She makes herself out of the dust [idiom: absconds]. The made-for-TV miniseries Mama arbeitet wieder explores the roles that men and women play at home and in the workplace in Germany. His boss responds:.

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If the girl continues to be bitchy, then get yourself an example of the old species [a more traditional woman]. The message of the series is actually pro gender equality, and the scriptwriters purposefully use such provocative and sexist language to point out how common gender stereotyping is in Germany.

The writers additionally added racial stereotyping to the script.

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Directly after telling Mark to get a more "traditional" wife, the boss says to a worker walking by, who was not privy to the conversation:. With that there are namely never problems, right, Mehmet? The name "Mehmet" is Turkish, and the worker's appearance suggests that he or his family originally came from the Middle East. Mark's boss is putting forth racial, religious and gender stereotypes in a single sentence by suggesting that men from the Middle East, or Moslems, always force the women in their households into "traditional" subservient roles.

Racism is strictly taboo in Germany due to its Nazi past, and by equating sexism and racism, the scriptwriters are attempting to heighten awareness of the seriousness of the problems that Germany currently faces in regard to gender discrimination. Mama arbeitet wieder shows how a German man comes to terms in a positive way with modernizing his views and learning to drop stereotypes of a woman's role in the household and in the workplace.

Watch the entire series on Yabla German. This week saw the introduction of an exciting new nature series on German Yabla. If the summer heat is starting to get to you, cool down with this video and learn the German names of some very curious plants and animals while you're at it:.

The Alps have many faces.

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Lynxes and ibexes are part of this When chamois with sharp hooves scratch up plant shoots , moss and lichen , they must be careful. Even the alpine newt takes to the water later up here than its species counterparts in the lowlands. Doch daneben existiert noch eine andere Welt. Sie liegt verborgen unter'm Eis But next to it exists yet another world.

It lies hidden beneath the ice So chill out with Yabla German when the heat gets be too much, and bleibt cool beim Deutschlernen!

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Germany is one of the most advanced countries in world in terms of environmentally-friendly energy. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced in that all German nuclear power plants will be closed by as part of a plan to gain a competitive edge worldwide in renewable energy. This week's new video, Green-Region-Konferenz zur Nachhaltigkeit , uses a number of energy-related terms below in bold text that can give you a good jump start in improving your environmental vocabulary.

Eine Energie-Effizienz-Revolution soll her. An energy-efficiency revolution should happen.

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Um die Klimaschutzziele in Deutschland zu erreichen… In order to achieve the climate protection targets in Germany…. Around Darmstadt, that means, above all, the expansion of wind power and more geothermal plants and biomass power plants. Further Learning Watch the complete video above and add any new German terms to your vocabulary learning list. The Urban Climate website of the University of Freiburg has created an extensive German-English glossary of environmental protection terms. See if you can find some of these words used in context in Yabla German videos.

English has quite a few idioms using the word "foot," and the German language also "puts its best foot forward" in this regard! I'll take my heart and lay it at your feet. Caption 3, Deutsche Musik: Chris und Croissant. He was dressed in green from head to foot [idiom: completely ]. The above expression is very similar, of course, to the English "from head to toe. The visitors must be really good to foot [idiom: agile ]. The English foot idiom that comes closest is "light on their feet.

Be careful you don't "put your foot in it" though, as some expressions sound similar to English, but have a completely different meaning:. What Henne has said also actually has a hand and a foot [idiom: makes sense ]. If you recall the English saying "to wait on someone hand and foot," you might falsely interpret the German to mean that Henne was being servile, when in fact she was making sense!

Sie war keine Schneiderin, konnte aber gut mit Nadel und Faden umgehen. She was not a seamstress, but was good with a needle and thread.

Tödliche Mitgift

The word umgehen on its own usually means to avoid, to circumvent, or to get around something, but when you put it with an adjective and the preposition mit , its meaning is broadened to mean how something is handled, dealt with, or treated. Here are a couple more examples from Yabla videos:. Ich werde dir beibringen, wie du damit umgehen kannst. I will teach you how you can deal with that. Caption 18, Lektionen: Morgen. Da muss man sehr sauber arbeiten, muss sehr pfleglich mit seinen Grundstoffen umgehen. You must work very cleanly, you must handle your basic materials very carefully.

Captions , Whesskey: Whiskey aus Hessen.

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Further Learning Go to this link on Yabla German and see how the word umgehen is used in different contexts. Idiomatic expressions can be difficult, because even if you know what all of the words mean, it can sometimes be nearly impossible to understand what the phrase means. Just think about how some standard English idioms sound if you try to understand them literally: "It's raining cats and dogs," or "Don't spill the beans.

Aus die Maus. That is the reality. Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome! Questions and Answers. Page 30 for words starting with B in the English-German dictionary. Baddeley's model of working memory. Baden [part of Baden-Wuerttemberg].

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Baden culture [also: Baden Culture]. Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University.