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For natural wonders: landscape junkies can take this voyage west through some of the most dramatic scenery — deserts, jungle and mountains — on the planet. Begin in Sydney and make your way across Australia, via the Outback, to Perth , before flying to Bangkok. Travel north to Chiang Mai , or make a diversion to Myanmar , currently the hottest destination in Southeast Asia.

Delhi, the starting point for a journey to the deserts of Rajasthan, is just a hop away from Bangkok. You could then stop off in Cairo before breaking your journey westwards in a European capital. Afterwards, travel across the Atlantic to Brazil and venture north into the Amazonian rainforests.

Check out Lonely Planet's Great Journeys before plotting your own. Need a bit more help to turn that RTW dream into a reality?

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Lonely Planet's expert-reviewed hotels, hostels and other accommodation might help. All Feature Articles How to travel around the…. David Eimer. How to travel around the world in 80 days.

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In Jules Verne's classic adventure novel, Phileas Fogg had a devil of a time trying to travel around the world in 80 days. But in the 21st century, circumnavigating the globe has become a bit of a breeze: all you need is a round-the-world RTW ticket. In fact, a dedicated if masochistic traveller could squeeze it into a few jet-lagged days. Related content Explore How to see the highlights of Croatia in a week.

Explore Why travellers need to stop expecting the world to speak English. Your itinerary. Search for Carpathian legends in the mountains and take your first steps along the Silk Road. Follow in the footsteps of Silk Road traders and marvel at majestic Mediterranean dynasties.

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It did seem rather silly in retrospect that he did not tell Fogg, especially when Fogg was so helpful to Fix! Go glacier walking and boating through the fjords of Chilean Patagonia. He departs from London by train at p. However Le Tour du Monde is much more than just a diary of some eccentric guy who is trying to prove to a bunch of people that he can make the journey in an incredibly short time: there is also adventure, and mystery, thrown into it. The obvious difference between Ethan and Jules apart from the fact that Ethan is both nicer and more empathetic is the number of research and communication tools that we now have at our disposal.

Hear true life tales of Arabia and create some of your own, with desert days and nights. Take a pilgrimage through sacred Christian sites and witness Mother Nature at her best on an African safari. Get spiritual in the historic Himalayan hills and explore 2 South Asian capital cities.

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Around the World in Eighty Days is an adventure novel by the French writer Jules Verne, published in In the story, Phileas Fogg of London and his newly. Around the World in 80 Days is a American action adventure comedy film based on Jules Verne's novel of the same name. It stars Jackie Chan, Steve.

Soar over red rock canyons, then island hop through the diverse islands of the Galapagos. Go glacier walking and boating through the fjords of Chilean Patagonia. Your host.

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Our Global Community. This trip was planned by MT Sobek, innovators and leaders in adventure travel for more than 50 years. Their connections with local experts will help ensure you have an epic 80 day adventure. Contact host. About the organization. Malala Fund. Co-founded by student and Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai and her father Ziauddin, Malala Fund works to give every girl 12 years of free, safe, quality education. We invest in local education activists, advocate for resources and policy to improve secondary education access and amplify the voices of girls fighting for change.

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Learn more. An unperturbed Fogg pays bail for them, and, accompanied by the widow, Aouda, they board a steamer bound for Hong Kong. Fix, who had hoped the sentences would keep them in Calcutta long enough for the warrant to arrive, joins them.

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In Hong Kong Passepartout attempts to secure cabins on a boat to Yokohama and learns that its departure has been rescheduled for that evening. When Passepartout refuses, Fix drugs him with opium , preventing him from returning to Fogg. As a result, Fogg misses the steamer. However, he finds another ship that will take them to Shanghai , and he, Aouda, and Fix set sail. In the meantime, Passepartout manages to stagger onto the ship for Yokohama.

Passepartout arrives in Yokohama with no money and no idea where Fogg is. He joins a traveling circus, where Fogg, having caught a Yokohama-bound steamer from Shanghai, encounters him just in time for them all including Fix to board the steamer that will take them to San Francisco. As Britain has no jurisdiction in the United States , Fix is now as eager as the rest of them to get Fogg back to England quickly.

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The group boards a train bound for New York City. The train trip continues more or less uneventfully until it reaches Medicine Bow, Wyoming Territory, where a signalman tells them that the suspension bridge is too dilapidated to bear the weight of a train. However, the engineer believes that it might be possible to safely cross the bridge by going at top speed, and the plan works, with the bridge collapsing as soon as the train reaches the other side.

In Nebraska the train is attacked by a band of Sioux , who are on the point of winning the battle when Passepartout succeeds in uncoupling the train from its engine outside Fort Kearny, and the soldiers garrisoned there frighten the Sioux into leaving. However, the Sioux capture Passepartout and two other passengers. Fogg rides to their rescue with a group of soldiers, but the recoupled train departs without them.

Using a sail-powered sledge , Fogg and the others travel over snow to Omaha , Nebraska, arriving just in time to board a train to Chicago. From there they catch a train to New York City , where they arrive 45 minutes after departure of the ship to England. Fogg finds an empty trading ship whose captain is willing to carry the group of four to Bordeaux , France.

After bribing the crew and imprisoning the captain, Fogg assumes control and sets course for Liverpool , England. When a storm prevents the use of sails, the coal supply runs low. Fogg buys the ship from the captain and begins burning its wooden parts.