Allison’s American Way of Dog Training

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I have very high regards for her and recommend her to be your best friend's trainer. You will not be disappointed. Allison Christian is incredible! She has trained my husband's service dog. Allison has "Magic". She immediately connected with the dog. Her 21 years of experience is obvious. I wanted to say thank you so much for recommending Naples Top Dogs for training! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I've attached a video of the progress we've made in one night!

The dogs are ussually freaking and wanting to get out of the kennel. Allison was able to make them submissive, and pretty much eliminate their jumping on people in one night. Molly loves Allison! She has learned so much and when I say "ally is coming for training". Molly waits at front door! Highly recommend! Allison from Naples Top Dogs is a very knowledgeable trainer. She began working with my 3. Being litter mates, and a bonded pair, they were very co-dependent, and within 4 weeks, they they can work separately, and they know all of the basic commands: sit, down, stay, touch, wait, "with me" heel , go to bed, and more!!

Their barking was out of control, and now it is almost completely ceased. They are so much better behaved. Naples dog trainer is amazing.

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I have a dog that was rambunctious and would run out the front door whenever it opened. The first couple of sessions u could tell a difference in my dog. Now she doesn't run out the door, and doesn't jump on people. Thank you! Allison trained my Staffordshire Terrier and I couldnt be happier with her services.

I highly recommend her. My dog would not listen to me, come when called and jumped on everyone.

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Allison fixed all those issues. She was very positive and flexible to my hectic schedule. She spent alot of time working with me so now i know how to train and handle my dog. Very exceptional service. Allison is a great trainer and I would recommend her to anyone that has a dog that needs training. Now my Rosy listens perfectly, I can take her to the dog park and she comes when called which was a huge issue. We tried Petco and that did not work. I am very happy with Allison's services!

Contact Us. Naples Top Dogs are the premier in-home trainers for over 20 years. Allison Christian is respected as one the the top dog and puppy trainer in Naples. Naples Top Dogs only uses positive reinforcement training with no force. A behavior rewarded will always increase getting better and faster results from your dog.

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Positive training with positive results! People love Naples Top Dogs. List of Services.

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Holly M Allison has been a blessing in our lives! Judy F Allison Christian is incredible! Lauren I wanted to say thank you so much for recommending Naples Top Dogs for training! I can't believe it!! Mary Anne Rifice Molly loves Allison!

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Allison's American Way of Dog Training [Frank M. Allison III] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Allison'S American Way of Dog Training - Kindle edition by Frank M. Allison III. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Savannah S Naples dog trainer is amazing. Brian Cummings - Google Review Allison is a great trainer and I would recommend her to anyone that has a dog that needs training. Naples Top Dogs Blog. Pet Sitting vs Boarding.

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Are you not sure whether it would be better to board your pet or have someone sit them while out of town? You could find yourself spoiled for choice either way depending on where you live. The Difference Between Pet Sitting and Pet Boarding There was a time, not too long ago, when pet owners would have no choice but to have their pet boarded at a local kennel. Pet boarding is sort of like letting your pet stay at a hotel filled with other pets.

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Pet sitting has become an option in recent years. Pet sitters generally stay at your home and take care of your pet.

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She has the ability to get right to the source of the challenge, lay out a rock-solid success strategy and keep our Pinnacle clients on track to reach their goals. I laughed, as I realized all of this inspires me more than it scares me. Carlos Fuentes. For instance, in 73a , the bull mastiff is in matrix subject position, where it is most likely to be the topic. Skip this list. I could have easily spent an entire summer enjoying and exploring this incredible city… More than anything, what I appreciated most about our trip to Israel was the sense of love and community.

They may also stop by the house a few times a day to feed and play with pets. Some pets prefer pet boarding to sitting, while others have no problem staying at home by themselves. It can come down to what the pet prefers mot. In the beginning of her career, Allison was a Kennel Technician working closely with a Veterinarian where she learned all about developmental periods of dogs, handling skills and how to prevent behavior issues. From there she spent several years working with exotic animals and mentors at numerous wildlife facilities and reserves in California and North Carolina.

Not only did she train other dog trainers to be dog trainers, she taught classes and was apart of a cooperate team to help support and update Petco's dog training program. June 1, Allison founded Daack Pack Dog Training as a way to better support the needs of her clients. Through this company she has been able to provide the community with custom, in-home training to support their specific needs and the needs of their pets. Whether you are looking for help dealing with a high-energy dog, dog or people aggression, separation anxiety, inter-species conflicts, leash reactivity, a shy and hesitant dog, confidence building, etc.