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A total of 5 billion velcros have been sold worldwide. Jack explains his technique: take a sheet of paper and split it in half. Make a list of 10 passions on one side of the sheet, then 10 talents on the other. Then, scratch them out one by one until there is only one on each side: the most important one.

Once these two are connected, good associations and the right actions will make success possible. On the plane, he meets a small female jockey who explains her path to success.

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First off, this is amazing and great to see. Good for this guy. This Brazilian guy plays (very well) using his feet! His Twitter is @diogoalvespe and he broadcasts his games on weekend league and this week he got Gold 2!

Greg makes a list of his passions and talents. In summary: he likes to write, he is a good salesman, he likes to be in contact with inspiring leaders and enjoys sharing their successes. A book publisher listens in and joins their conversation this starts to feel like an airborne mastermind! The publisher shares his experience: after 22 years with no success, he published a bestseller, only 2 years ago.

He was convinced of it. Thinking, however, is merely trying to convince yourself. In the first instance, your are more likely to be composed in your quest and you will take closer and closer steps towards the person destined for you, but this would not apply in the second instance.

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Greg meets Truett Cathy, a business leader who made a fortune in the fast food industry. This is the person who invented the chicken sandwich! Some people focus on the steps to get there. Truett looks around him, notes whether someone has left a skateboard or a bike lying around so that he can get there faster! The most important thing for him is to keep the destination in mind. The path will emerge naturally. He also shares his company vision with Greg: the main one is to focus on people rather than profit. Truett thinks that by looking after his employees, logically they in turn will look after the business.

Then Greg realizes that it is not his job to save him: he can only offer to help him, it is then up to David to seize the opportunity if he wants to. Will you take advantage of it?

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He realises something and leaves a message for his brother David, offering to help him if he wishes to go to rehab again. Greg realises that his company is not part of his why : he decides to sell it to his employees who greatly deserve it. This is part of the transmission logic expressed by Buckland. Don Green receives dozens of similar requests a day, which he refuses every time.

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He gives Greg a letter of recommendation, as Andrew Carnegie had done in for Napoleon Hill, for him to exploit as best he can. Greg has no more money but does not lose sight of his goal; he wants to set up 7 meetings in the following months, with successful entrepreneurs. Thanks to Don Green, Greg goes to a charity event and talks to one of his sporting heroes. And he draws a parallel with a car: to have the most beautiful car you have to look after it, polish it, give it constant attention. He does the same with sport: he is the first to arrive, the last to leave, never loses sight of his goal.

Although he feels the blows he gets, he ignores them and instead thinks of those he inflicts. He uses all his energy for this. It is a regular meeting of a group of 5 people. Buckland says that, in terms of salary, attitude and lifestyle, we mirror the 5 people with whom we spend most of our time. The message he gets from Dave is the following: proving oneself to be right.

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Not to others, even if that can be the initial inspiration. Knowing that we are on the right path, ones own path, a productive path that leads to good things: Work leads? Other positive possibilities? Greg wanted to meet 7 people that month; that was the goal he had set himself. He believed in his why , had no idea how , and 4 people all came along in one go! Given his new habit, he engages the man in conversation and asks him what he does in life.

He shares his secret: success is to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. Us humans make mistakes, which is not to say that we are mistakes! I draw a parallel with the world of work: If we are not happy in a particular job, then it is up to us to change that. Greg finally meets his last contact who is none other than Mia, his ex-girlfriend.

They reconnect and Mia is impressed by the man he has become. He realizes that one of the common denominators of the leaders he has met is that they all have a long-term loving relationship.

Chapter 1 - Spurs 3 FEET from GOLD

Greg sets a goal of finishing his book by the end of the year. He has meetings with publishers, in vain. Greg endures failure after failure in the quest to get his book published. Mia suggests he calls one of his mentors to get some clarity. The book was only published 25 times, but it gave him the strength to continue. His message is the following: everyone has been in a situation where they want to drop everything.

The key is to take action despite the fear. It was a letter that asked his wife to encourage him, every day, twice a day.

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Because if he knew he was going to succeed, having someone else believing in him AND constantly telling him, was his fuel. If he had that encouragement then he would be able to keep going and bring in the bacon. He tells him that Hill, broke and rejected by all the publishers at an event, only had a few dollars left in his pocket. With his remaining money, he bought one night in a luxury suite at a swanky hotel and invited the publishers. When they saw the lavishness of the suite they figured that he knew what he was doing, that he did not need money and instantly made him great offers.

Believe in yourself and the world will believe in you. Don Green calls Greg and explains that he cannot wait for a sign to appear if he does not believe in it, in the first place. First you have to believe in it and then spot the signs, not the other way around. He believed his mother and never lost sight of this.

Today he runs a multinational ethnic cosmetics company. He shares the lesson he has learnt: grab your advantage or someone else will. Yes he was slow, but he remembers everything and he made this his strength. He sets out his vision of success for Greg: becoming a work creator and not just a worker. Seek out your opportunity rather than wait for it to come to you.

David went back to drinking — disappointing for Greg and for him. Greg tells him to sleep, press the reset button the next day and not drink on that new day. One day at a time. Greg tries to change his outlook in relation to events. He has to believe, him above all, for others to believe.

He re-reads a note in his diary:. Greg sets up a new meeting with the biggest publisher in New York.

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The meeting goes very well, he makes Greg an offer…very low for the book itself. Then he remembers that he has to look at things differently for them to change: he tells himself that getting an offer is an excellent start, which drives his motivation. Putting a spotlight on this weakness, makes him realise that he needs to hire someone with this missing competence. Greg calls Don Green to share his conversation with Charlie, and the idea of teaming up with an experienced writer.